In The Shadow of the Dead Gods


Having escaped the desert with a piece of the “Crown of Dust” , your first look at the enormous walking citadel Slither you find yourselves in the familiar surroundings of Tyr. Things don’t appear the same though; people are still friendly but seem to keep you at arm’s length. After poking around a bit you find House Tslaka has placed a bounty on your heads, but your hero’s so you shrug it off as part of the trade. But, while talking with people you find a couple interesting things out……

A raider lord named Yarnath the Skull unleashed his forces to harass and disrupt merchant caravans operating near Tyr. The Revolutionary Council was stretched too thin to offer aid, and merchant lords were forced to hire mercenaries to deal with Yarnath. Apparently those mercenaries were successful, because Yarnath’s harassment finally ceased.

Yarnath sought a shrine dedicated to an entity called the Dust Kraken, a kind of sand monster.
Rumor has it that Yarnath has unearthed a powerful relic in the desert, called the blood jewel. The raider lord believes the relic will unlock incredible power-power he could use to one day to raise his status from a mere desert raider to perhaps one day topple a city-state of Athas.

The Sea of Silt is home to a dormant beast of great elemental power known as the Dusk Kraken, Ul-Athra, or the Mouths of Thirst. It is likely the silt horrors that hunt in the sea are the spawn of Ul-Athra. Over the centuries, a number of elemental cults have risen to worship the Dusk Kraken, seeking to rouse the beast from its slumber and use its power against their enemies. These cults perform strange and unnatural rites in the name of their god.
Sometimes, those especially favored by Ul-Athra’s dreaming awareness are rewarded with secrets of powerful elemental magic or vile rituals that summon and bind lesser avatars to the Dusk Kraken.

A bit later our intrepid adventures are met by a lanky elf name Kivrin, a member of a secret organization called the Veiled Alliance. He informs our hero’s he has infiltrated Slither and has found Yarnath has uncovered and acquired an artifact of immense power called the blood jewel. He enlists the help of our adventures to sneak onto Slither in the dead of night and take the blood jewel from Yarnths possession. Being the hero’s they are they accepted the invitation and headed out into the bleak desert with Kivrin their guide.
As the second day of the journey wears on sand stretches away in all directions, broken by ridges and boulders. Our hero’s find a brief relief from the sun as they walk into the shadows of a facing cliff face. Directly ahead of them the sand thins to a fine slit, when suddenly the earth rumbles and moves beneath their feet and Khashana has barely enough time to set her feet when Anakore Render hits her with all his force scoring a perfect hit, Khashana fly’s though the air landing unceremoniously on her back in the sand. Exploding from the silt are several feasting Zombie’s. Brom, Godric, and Khashana move as a well-oiled machine, fighting, controlling and healing. A Gaj Mindhunter enters the battle and adds a little chaos to the battle but in the end our hero’s walk away victorious.

Now, as night falls our heroes crest a large dune and find slither, it seems like it has ceased movement for the day. There is a large patrol on Crodlu which will make things difficult because as they are watched they patrol in no set pattern. But that does stop our adventures, first they Brom psyches Khashana and Godric, then Khashana studies slither with a critical eye finding the best way to enter the tower, then Godric, using dark wrappings, dark chalk and the such prepares Brom to blend into the night as he assaults slither. Now they move, relying on the grace to run lightly over the sand, then using brute strength they pull themselves up the side of the fused mekillot shells. All of a sudden the patrol is there, circling around and everyone slips as far back into the shadows as possible. It must had been enough, the patrol rides off. Now hanging off the side our adventures pull themselves up closer and closer to the top of the tower. Again the patrol is back, Godric and Khashana make sounds of the desert to distract the guards, that was close. But it worked and Brom has made it to the top and as he steps over the crenellations he is confronted by something out of nightmares.



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