In The Shadow of the Dead Gods

Marauders of the Dune Sea

The story so far…..

Your small group has attracted the attention of various power groups seeking lost artifacts of an ancient age. You have been asked by Karlin, the half giant owner of Karlen’s Eye to investigate a rumor of the recent discovery of the Face of Stone. If found Karlin is willing to pay a handsome some of money for it. Later you are relaxing in the inn when a pompous dwarf walks up to you, drops a sheet of rolled papyrus, sealed with the wax mark of three dragonflies on your table then stomps off. The papyrus reads:

Greetings from House Shom.
We’ve sent messengers thorough Tyr to deliver this communication to those of mercenary guise. If you be such, and you wish to earn a great reward, read on.

Desert raiders harass and disrupt our caravans, yet the Revolutionary council of Tyr will not lift a finger to help. Thus, honest merchants must find aid elsewhere.
The raiders claim that our caravans know the site of a ruined temple called the Face of Stone. They say is we give up the location, their attacks will cease. But we know nothing of the ruin. All we have concerning the ruin’s location is a line form an old song “Where the devil’s horn threads the tunnel in the sky, a stony visage rarely blinks its hollow eye.”
Return with your findings to our emporium in Tyr, and you will be heralded as heroes of House Shom.
Regards, Delem Shom

After thinking about it for a bit you decide to sleep on it and talk about it in the morning. You then check out the elven market to by some healing fruits. On your way back, your waylaid by a group of elves, dwarfs, Thri-Kreen and what looked like a Templar of Hamanu. After dispensing of the minions, the Templar who announced himself as Sarhan, ran off with his preverbal tale between his legs. With barley a scratch on you, you all decided you should find this “Face of Stone” and reap the rewards.

The next day you set off to find where the devil’s horn threads the tunnel in the sky. Using your various skills in athletics, endurance nature and perception you, one don’t get lost and two find the right direction. In the distance you see a strange black dust storm which is up against a cliff wall, looking at it you see a rock formation which looks like devil horns and the storm is between them. Moving closer you see what appears to be raiders with numerous bond caravan workers. In your distain and disgust you see a couple raiders pick up one of the bound workers and throw him screaming into the storm, a few minutes later you see his mangle body ejected and the raiders laughing and slapping each other on the back. Taking matters into your own hands you attack the raiders and free the remaining caravan workers. You find they are from House Shom and you tell them the way back, a bit shaken they thank you and start off.
You then decide you need to enter the storm somehow and see what it’s hiding. First in the Brom after a few tense minutes Khashana gets a telepathic message from him that he’s made it and found an entrance to a cave of some kind. Next in are Godric and Khashana, both make it through no worse for wear and the party finds what they have been looking for, there is a huge face carved into the side of the mountain, it’s mouth opens into an enormous cavern, two rune covered pillars jut from the found looking like to huge teeth coming from the lower jaw of the carving. Entering they find themselves surrounded by Hejkin, old and young, male and female, and one odd human who seems to speak to them. He tells you they are his family and not to hurt them. He then escorts you though the lair into the back where the rough cavern walls give way to worked hallways. Turning you find he is gone with the rest of his tribe. Pressing forward you stumble onto a room where the ground is covered in salt, a large skeleton of a lizard sits in the middle of the room. As you start through the skeleton lizard tails lashes out, TRAP and zombies and skeleton appear from nowhere, again you make short work of them and press on. They now move deeper into the ancient ruins……..



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